The intensity of a love of travel

Whether during a one-week getaway, or several months, no one is safe from having a little love affair while traveling. In an exotic setting, we often have a sense of urgency to live intensely, because we know that it is often temporary. This often creates lasting memories and/or small sorrows during goodbyes. Having lived abroad for a long time, I had my share of encounters and broken hearts. Is it possible, on the other hand, to believe in a love of travel?

Having spent a lot of time living abroad

This is our only photo together. A photo taken without our knowledge, fighting for a tub of ice cream. I lived so much in the moment that I never thought or felt the need to take pictures.

Photo love of travel in Australia in our article Love of travel: Should we believe it or is it ephemeral?  #love #travelMy only photo with A., my young British met in Australia with whom I had a love of travel

The 4 months that I lived in Melbourne in a hostel gave me impressions of being on the reality show Double Occupation sometimes.

When I see them fall in love in two and a half seconds on TV, I always tell myself that deep down I understand because that’s kind of what we experience with travel love .

Everything there is quadrupled in intensity. We are also disconnected from our life in Quebec and we meet different people from all over the world that we would never have met otherwise. And, in terms of difference, A. and I were absolutely different. He was younger, British, a little guy on the party. On the other hand, for a moment, it really worked between us, despite everything would have indicated otherwise.

That’s what happens when travelling: we’re open to everything. To all kinds of people. And we feel that we can be whoever we want too, without our life and our environment following us at home. Travel and love collide.

Meet people while traveling in our article Love of travel: Should we believe in it or is it ephemeral?  #love #travel While traveling, we are led to meet many people that we  would never have met otherwise .

I really believed in him and I for a while, and so did he. It’s like we’re on a bubble, totally disconnected from the fact that it doesn’t make any sense deep down inside of us.

And how not to be in a bubble when you live a love of travel ?

We are elsewhere, in an exotic place, with no other distraction from everyday life to live our little budding adolescent love story. There is no one to judge, no one to question what we are going through. And that makes it all even more special and magical, because we know we would never have experienced that at home. Travel and love thus become possible.

Travel and love: timing, the best friend of travel lovers

Everything is so beautiful, but life, travel plans take their course. And then, people leave, continue their journey. And the bubble bursts. What was so beautiful and naive in the beginning, sometimes becomes overwhelming. What seemed so simple at first can easily become complicated when travel and love are involved.

For it to work, the timing has to be right, that’s for sure. We meet so many people on our journeys who have different plans, who travel with their friends, who are at different stages of their itinerary.

Often the little love affairs, these short travel loves , only last a few days, because we already have plans that we cannot change, a flight to catch or a bus. People who are flexible in their schedule and open to including someone else are often the couples who follow each other the longest.

Also, as everything goes faster when traveling, 3 weeks of sharing daily life 24 hours a day with someone can easily give the impression that you have been dating someone for 6 months. So we quickly know someone’s true colors and it’s make or break fairly quickly.

Especially since there are always decisions to be made while traveling, we are often tired and hungry. We are therefore from the start immersed in situations that can confront us with each other.

The importance of timing in a love of travel in our article Love of travel: Should we believe in it or is it ephemeral?  #love #travelEveryone has their travel plans, timing is important to the sustainability of a love of travel

A love of travel: lasting or fleeting

As at Double occupancy, not all couples survive the post-trip, “real life”. Obviously, the distance complicates things enormously, the return to everyday life, to one’s friends and one’s world, often puts an end to the famous bubble that one experiences while traveling.

You guessed that my story with A. didn’t work out. On the other hand, out of 5 couples who formed in the Melbourne hostel when I was there, 3 of these travel loves are still together.

We can therefore think that in terms of average longevity, a love of travel makes a much better figure than a reality TV show.

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