4 Middle-Eastern Dine-out Spots in Abu Dhabi

Middle-Eastern Dine-out Spots

Honestly! Abu Dhabi has a lot to explore for every tourist and while being done with their tourist attractions, you can also look for awesome dine-out spots that can feed your Arab foods’ craving without emptying a wallet. While visiting different dining-places in Abu Dhabi, you notice the quality ambience with the amazing menu made by experienced chefs and since the authorities monitor the hygiene regularly, you find restaurants never compromise on it; thus, a large number of people visit it every day.

Moreover, with enjoying the true taste of middle-eastern cuisine, you also get a chance of enjoying the fusion of Arab and foreign dishes while visiting different spots in Abu Dhabi. This blog really helps you in hunting the most popular middle-eastern dine-out places.

So check the superb list below and make your tour of this city ideal.

1-Phosphorus Kadoura Restaurant

No doubt, it is the superb spot particularly for those who are seafood lovers and you find a wide variety of seafood with dozens of cooking variations including grilling. Yes, it is very affordable place to dine out and the chefs know the way of not only making food delicious but also highly presentable, so never forget to add a new Instagram story with its delicious dishes. Along with the traditional way of cooking a fish, its chefs are also expert at cooking it with the international method. Whenever, you plan for any trip, so with considering many factors, you should pay a massive attention to flight reservation and for that, going with the Etihad Airways is the remarkable move where you get the booking that also goes pocket-friendly. All you need to do is to just acquire the Etihad discount code make the great difference.

2-Al Fanar Restaurant

Indeed, for Arabic food, it is also the right place to explore and the dishes of this spot makes you feel the real essence of the Arab dishes. The moment, you look at the menu, you come across the items spanning from vegetarian to non-vegetarian ones, so don’t wait and visit this best dine-out place in your visit to this most beautiful city of UAE.


While trying its dishes, you find the precise use of traditional spices making it eating-friendly particularly for those who don’t like spices and the ambience is excellent with the comfortable seating and the chefs have a great taste in their hands; thus, locals and foreign visitors visit this place in a large number each day.

4-Li Beirut

By its name, you can find it to be the accurate dining-place for trying the Lebanese food and the uniqueness can be judged by the fusion of Lebanese and European dishes also on menu, so don’t think more to visit this awesome eating-spot. Furthermore, you also find this restaurant highly affordable; hence, you find with full of locals and foreigners every time you visit. Moreover, it also offers the outdoor seating along with the awesome indoor seating.

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