4 Family-Friendly Adventure Activities For A Weekend Break


A weekend escape from a regular routine is something we all need. The respite, whether exciting or relaxing, is one that allows us to restore our wellbeing and experience more of the nearby world. For those with children, a weekend break is also a great opportunity to connect with the family and help to share new landscapes and activities with little ones.

For those wanting to whisk the family away for a few days but aren’t sure exactly what to do, questioning what adventurous activities might be appropriate for adults and children alike, we have four ideas for you all are likely to enjoy.


Family camping can be an amazing, affordable way to explore nature together. Rural landscapes are abundant and there are many superb environments that can be incorporated into even a single weekend away, offering something sure to entertain all interests.

Many families that camp together will choose their location based on potential activities in the area. Some, for example, will choose destinations near water where swimming and paddleboarding can take place, while others might want to be closer to areas with family-friendly activities, such as nature reserves and zoos.

Camping is also a fantastic option for families looking to escape because it can be a low-cost trip, helping to travel on a budget and adventure more frequently throughout the year.


Getting younger children familiar with the water and with strong balance on a board is a great idea for those near the coast, and one that many Australian parents seek to accomplish. As such, there are a number of options for surfing breaks around the country, with classes that cater to children and adults alike, helping them to get started with surfing.

Such watersport adventures can be bonding experiences to families, helping them to learn and develop their skills together, while also enjoying the opportunity to experience the luscious landscapes of Australia’s coasts.


A more accessible watersport, one that is easily available to those of all physical abilities, is stand-up paddleboarding (SUP). This activity is not only a great way for family members to individually take to the water but also as a group, with larger paddleboards accommodating multiple individuals.

For adventurous families, paddleboards can also be paddled along coasts and rivers, being a primary mode of transportation for an adventurous weekend that explores an area by water. With little ones able to join adults on the same paddleboard, the whole family can experience a unique adventure. Just be sure to pack everything you need in a waterproof deck bag!


Kangaroo Island’s Little Sahara is a fantastic destination for families to experience, hosting a number of adventure activities for all to enjoy. Perhaps the most well-regarded, sandboarding offers a unique opportunity to surf across stunning sand dunes and reach exciting speeds too. For those averse to moving too quickly, there’s also tobogganing too.

The island is also home to a number of seals and families can safely experience their vast numbers by the water as part of a day trip exploring the areas.

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